Build Your Wellbeing Strategy

Create an effective plan by following our simple step-by-step guide. This tool is designed to give you a framework that gets you thinking about the actions you need to take to embed wellbeing in your culture

Your strategy

Each section provides you with the information you need to build an effective wellbeing strategy. Take your time to understand what each section entails and how this will impact your wider business.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your business and what you are hoping to achieve, the time to complete each section will vary. You may need to speak to others within your business and/or source information to support the building of the strategy. Take your time, as this tool is not designed to be used in one sitting.

The first step is to take our wellbeing healthcheck (if you haven’t already) which will help you understand your current position. Often many businesses do not appreciate that they already have several wellbeing initiatives in place!