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We are a team of motivated individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds including Educationalists, Elite Sport, HR Executives, Business Leaders, Clinical Physicians and Technologists. We have amalgamated our areas of expertise and distilled them into simple and easy-to-use tools to help pupils, parents and teachers improve their wellbeing.

Our products

We have 3 powerful solutions that use cutting edge self-reflection technology to improve your people’s wellbeing in a measurable and sustainable way using real-time data. Our easy-to-use product recommendation tool can help you determine which product(s) best fit your organisation right now and our Wellbeing Change Journey map is designed to show how each of the products interconnect on your journey. When it comes to improving the overall wellbeing in your organisation, you may know exactly what you would like to achieve, or perhaps you are eager to discover the possibilities open to you. Ultimately, data holds the key to unlocking the kind of insights you will need to make a defining difference.

Our resources

Help yourself to our free guides, ebooks and other useful resources. We hope you find them useful. Simply click to download.

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